Ride A: Baucau Com


The ride commences at the roundabout below the old town market near the pink pousada guest house.  8,27’39.00 S    126,27’03.00  E.P.S.A.(proceed straight ahead) downhill on the Lospalos road at 120d if you wish to visit the beautiful beach TL (turn left ) after 500 metres and return the same way as the beach track does not return to the main road, otherwise P.S.A.on the good bitumen road.Once on the coastal plain it is easy riding 15 to 25 kph, the scenery is superb and there is very little traffic. The East Timorese are very courteous and patient drivers. Then the most sacred rugged Matebean Mountains come into view on the right side. At 17kms is the village of Lagar, at the east end of town   8,28’18.50S   126,36’06.00E           PINK  POUSADA

On the right is the turnoff to Baguia. This gives access to the hike up to the summit of Matebean Mane the highest mountain in the east. The road continues through Bagia to the south coast, after Bagia it is only passable on foot or bicycle so this provides an attractive option if you wish to shorten the ride circuit. (The pass over the dividing range is only 400 metres high – see Matebean trekking notes)  P.S.A.downhill off the plateau from this junction on a bearing of  70d.


At 24 klms on the right is the Gas-Isi salt lake, a refuelling stop for migrating birds. The people of the Laivai area speak Makasae. There are many sandy deserted bays and beaches. Roadside stalls sell delicious grilled fish and rice, also taua muten a local wine and taua sabu the local spirits. The people of this area distil some of the best taua sarbu, but be sure to taste before you buy , as a bottle of the good stuff is quiet hard to find.  Bottled water is available at just about any kiosk. 29klm, white monuments on both sides of the road mark the start of the Lospalos district. PSA.   At 35.5 kms is a sandy beach and grilled fish stall.


45klm brings you to a climb onto a small ridge with sweeping views back along the coast to Baucau, PSA. It is possible to see crocodiles in some of the rivers of this area.

At 58 klms the road goes through the ruins of a Portuguese fort into Lautem. In the past this district of Fataluku speaking people had direct trade with the nearby Indonesian island of Kisar. The main road to the right goes inland to Lospalos.

Junction  =   8,21’50.00S   126,54’06.00.

PSA . NE  on the coast road toward Com. There is a sharp climb at 72 klms The disused Com resort is at 78.5 klms.   8,21’20,80 S    127,03’24.50E.  With a road on the right,

this junction is the back road leading up onto the Lospalos Plateau.  PSA. for 1 km.

Com has many guest houses some right on the beach, also eating places, sandy beaches and good fishing from the large pier.

People drive down from Dili at the weekend for the diving. With an early start this ride could be completed in a day, but preferably a more leisurely two days.

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