Trekking Maps

Trekking Maps

Timor Leste is North West of Australia, less than one hours flight from Darwin.

Try a virtual visit to the Trek and Cycle routes of Timor Leste on Google earth.

(There are some coordinates  in the Trek and Cycle notes.)

Detailed 1-25,000 topographic colored poster size double sided maps clearly showing each of the treks are available.

Map A= Atauro Island +Mt Matebean.

Map B=  Ramelau Mts+ Oecussi Coast Range

Plus  1-50,000 topographic maps, showing the parts of the cycle tour that require detailed information.

Map C= Bagia+Lospalos+Lake Iralalaro

These can be purchased in Dili from

Rita Nunes Da Cruz   +67077239821 or

Dan Conroy                  +67077557578

Dili Central Backpackers    67073506279

  In Australia by mail from

John Bartlett

Any profits from the map sales will be used for guide training and revegetation works in remote areas of Timor Leste.


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