Trekking Maps

Trekking Maps

Timor Leste is North West of Australia, less than one hours flight from Darwin.

Try a virtual visit to the Trek and Cycle routes of Timor Leste on Google earth.

(There are some coordinates  in the Trek and Cycle notes.)

Detailed 1-25,000 topographic colored poster size double sided maps clearly showing each of the treks are available.

Map A= Atauro Island +Mt Matebean

Map B=  Ramelau Mts+ Oecussi Coast Range

Plus  1-50,000 topographic maps, showing the parts of the cycle tour that require detailed information.

Map C= Bagia+Lospalos+Lake Iralalaro

These can be purchased in Dili from

Carlito Alves    +6707 7289495

RENTLO car hire Main Highway Camoro.This is On the Dili side of the large Camoro river bridge.(there are two Rentlo’s this one is east of the river) 

Tel: +6707 723 5089  E-Mail:

In Australia by mail from

John Bartlett

Any profits from the map sales will be used for guide training and revegetation works in remote areas of Timor Leste.


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