Some people and organizations I would especially like to thank for donating there time or services in making this project possible : InTimor Lebre Family   Araujo Family   Barbosa Family    Lelan and  Da Cunha Family   Maro Da Costa  Gabriella Samson     Sean Borrell    Edward Rees  Agio Pereira

Arsenio Ramos Horta

David Agostino

Neldo Rae

Nono Prezado

Rita Nunes

Dan Conroy    77557578

Carlito Alves  77289495    (Guide Interpreter)

Rentlo Car hire  77235089

Wai Lau Rini Lodge 77407737

Map Sales

After expenses Money from map sales and donations will be used by Timorese to help in training trekking guides and revegetation of their ravaged country.


 In Australia

Abel Guterres

Jan Bartlett

Ray Bartlett

Margaret Craigh

Mary Goodfield

Otan Zavorc

Jan Carr


Tim Beacham  (web master)

Human Powered Cycles

Asia Pacific Rail

Bronwyn Jones

Bill Pettit

Author:   John Bartlett


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